Who we are

Dias:stories is a community research group committed to the creation and sharing of stories about Southeast Asian diasporic experience.

Diaspora is a word loaded with meanings that are often contradictory and unfolding. In some instances, diaspora refers to a group of people settled away from their home of origin, while in other ways, diaspora can also capture being stuck within nation states due to conditions like undocumentation or asylum migrations.

Diaspora can both articulate and disarticulate movement. Through the utilization of emerging technologies and well-established digital forms, Dias:stories hopes to (explore models for) represent the complexity of diasporic life.

Diasporic Dialogues

Diasporic Dialogues is a speaker series that highlights the work of artists/makers working through a Southeast Asian diasporic lens. Speakers will share and reflect on their work in order to open broader conversations about the alliances, fissures, and discoveries that different creative practices can reveal when representing Southeast Asian diasporic experience.

Upcoming Events and News

January 9 - 20th, 2024 at Trinity Square Video
When the Sun is Above the Horizon: Stories from Asian Diaspora

When the Sun is Above the Horizon: Stories from Asian Diaspora is a multimodal exhibition that engages in themes of Asian diasporic representation. Unfolding in three chapters, the exhibit moves through the sonic, virtual, and kinetic registers of Asian diasporic subjectivity. The sun holds conflicting meanings across Asian diasporas. As symbolic of life, spirituality, and resistance against injustice it is also associated with imperial aggression and violence. As a framing device that threads the exhibition together, the sun resists its romanticized associations and instead plots out the messy, celebratory, mundane, and painful textures of Asian diasporic life. Curated by Dias:stories, a community research group focused on supporting the creation of digital stories about Asian experiences, this exhibit features work that emerged out of three workshops: Future Through Memory, Sounding Stories, and tender curiosities.

Post-Colonial Hot Ones

Post-Colonial Hot-Ones is a panel series that is centered around sharing meals, ideas, and experiences by community members about liberation, transformation and resilience within arts education. These discussions were focused around communal knowledge sharing, tools for resistance, intergenerational healing methods, mobilization plans for marginalized voices, and recipes for dishes/sauces. Our first installment of this series included participation from Ryan Rice, Camille Turner, Casey Mecija, Patricio Dávila, Immony Mén, and audience members.